Clothes Swap is this Saturday!


Illustration of women at a clothing swap.

We are excited to host our first ever summer clothes swap, taking place on July 30th, 2022 from 11a-2p, at the Wimberley United Methodist Church at 1200 Country Rd 1492 in Wimberley, 78676.

Every swap works differently, so here is an explanation of how this swap will work, along with some helpful tips.

The swap will run from 11a-2p. You are welcome to bring your clothes early and help sort out your items.

There will be different sections for kids, women’s and men’s clothes, sorted by type of clothing (i.e. blouses, pants, tees, etc.), and any shoes or accessories that you bring. Volunteers will be available to sort your clothes so you are free to “shop.” Take a bag and collect your items, try them on, and take whatever you love and that fits! That’s it!



Friendly Reminders…

Please be mindful of your fellow swappers. Be aware of everyone’s needs and if you don’t absolutely love or need a piece of clothing, perhaps think of leaving it to the next person.

Compliments are always great! When you see someone trying something on, let them know if you think it looks great!




See y’all on Saturday, and happy swapping!


Swap FAQs

Want to know more about how our swaps work? Click Here!

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