Clothes Swap FAQ

Do I have to bring clothes to participate?

It’s not required to bring clothes to the swap, but it does help us make sure there are clothes for everyone. Even bringing one piece of clothing lets you participate in the “swap” part of the event!


Is there a limit to how much clothing I take home?

There is no limit to how many clothes you can take home with you. We do ask that you be mindful of others’ needs. 


Can I try clothes on at the event?

Trying clothes on is encouraged! There will be mirrors and a place to privately try things on. PRO TIP: Wearing a tank top and leggings or something similar can make it easy to try things on without completely changing clothes.


Are children welcome at the event?

Yes, please! Bring the kids! Not only do children get to learn early on the value of reusing and recycling, they also have a ball going through clothing items in their own sizes. 


What happens to the leftover clothes?

Leftover clothes will be donated to organizations that we’ve partnered with, including Barnabas Connection (children’s clothes) and the Hays County Women’s Center (women’s clothes).


I can’t make it to the swap. Is there a way I can donate clothes before the event?

We are happy to accept your clothing donations, even if you can’t make it to the swap! Donations can be made during business hours at the clinic at 724 La Buena Vista Dr. or call us at 512-256-3696 to arrange your drop-off.


I won’t be able to attend. What’s another way to help HCWHC?

The swap is only one of our events we are planning this year. Stay tuned to our Facebook page or Instagram page for the most up-to-date info. You can also donate to our AmazonSmile Wishlist or simply make a donation via check, Venmo (@HCWHC), or by donating through our website!

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