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What We Do

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Community Programs

We are celebrating our inaugural summer! We plan to host both virtual and in-person classes and events in the fall of 2022. We will offer discounted doula services to community members in need starting in the fall of 2022. We have been busy connecting with and building partnerships with other local nonprofits in the Hill Country in order to expand our reach.

What we do

Education programs that empower and enlighten.

Through partnerships at local libraries (for example, the Wimberley Village Library), we will be offering classes and workshops that focus on women’s health and wellness, including childbirth classes, breastfeeding groups, parenting groups, and various health and wellness workshops. Some smaller workshops and classes will be held at our clinic.

What we do

Health care
Free counseling and healthcare for those who need it most.

With our brick and mortar location opening in mid-August, our goal is to offer counseling and healthcare at no cost or limited cost to those who are in need, including those who are not insured, under-insured, or undocumented. All are welcome!

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Local community and action is important to us.

Our goal for 2022 is to increase awareness to the importance of women’s health in our local Hill Country communities. As a semi-rural/semi-urban area, there are great inequities in care across our region. We look forward to the hard work of community organizing and community-building. As they say, “think globally, act locally.” 

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Empowerment through education and acceptance.

We aim to empower women in our community through our classes and programs. Each person who benefits from our programs is here from something unique. We honor that uniqueness and welcome EVERYONE as raise one another up in power.

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